A person died in an explosion of Bluetooth headphones in use

A shocking incident happened in Rajasthan, India. 28-year-old man died after an explosion Bluetooth headphones While talking on the phone using them. The presumed cause of death is cardiac arrest. Doctors and investigations will disclose details later.

So far, they assume that the cause of the explosion may have been a poor quality assembly. And / or potential power surge. In any case, the headphones exploded directly in Rakesh Kumar Nagar’s ears, damaging his ears (or perhaps both). As a result, the man lost consciousness and they took him to the hospital. According to doctors, he died “probably due to cardiac arrest.” The diagnosis is not particularly accurate, as cardiac arrest is somehow fatal.

A person died in an explosion of Bluetooth headphones in use

Nagar reportedly used Bluetooth headphones to listen to music and make phone calls. They were connected to the smartphone and the smartphone was charging. This may have something to do with the cause of the explosion.

Many reports focus only on the actual blast and death of young people, but reports from have some information on possible causes. TV9Marathi, “The light went out suddenly, and after the light came back, the earphones in my ears exploded.” The earphones may have exploded due to a fatal combination of poor quality devices. It involves potential power surges that can occur after a power outage.

There is no brand name for headphones, but it is known to be a model of a local manufacturer, such as being sold cheaply at small retail stores such as gas stations. It is worth noting that such incidents occur not only in budget options that do not meet safety standards, but also in fairly expensive electronics. A few years ago, women’s Beats headphones exploded on flights between Beijing and Melbourne, as reported on the NotebookCheck portal. In Florida, recently, men could hardly remove Apple AirPods from their ears before one of their headphones exploded. He noticed smoke coming out of the device on time.

The brand name of the earphones involved has been commented but not reported twitter This device was a cheap “local” brand sold at gas stations and elsewhere. A person died in an explosion of Bluetooth headphones in use

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