A comparison of Fluid One’s Master Chef finalists ruining Michel Roux Jr.’s treasured Madeleine with show stress and channel sales

After reaching the final at Master Chef last night, Fluid One’s own Mike Tomkins talks to CRN about highs, lows and his most memorable moments.

Head of key accounts for connected cloud service provider FluidOne reached the last three at the Master Chef finale last night.

At the final cooking contest aired on BBC One last night, Mike Tomkins and the other two finalists needed to offer the judges of Gregg Wallace and John Torode the best three-course menu of their lives. ..When the last three are reached, Tomkins CRNAbout the highs, lows, and the most memorable moments from his Master Chef experience.

How nervous were you in the Master Chef finals?

By the time we reached the final, I think the kitchen as a whole was very reassuring. I loved cooking in the kitchen and got angry when it was over. Curiously, I was probably more relaxed in the finals than any other round!

How do you feel about reaching the last three of Master Chef?

It was great to be part of the whole experience, I loved it, and getting the finals made every effort worth it. I feel the legitimacy of the decisions I have made up to that point, including the time I devoted myself to the competition. It really was a dream come true.

Has your experience at MasterChef led you to pursue your dream as a chef?

I have some ideas for some Fluid One customer and partner events. Please take a look at this space.

From that experience, what was the best or most memorable moment for you?

MasterChef let me do what I didn’t think I could do. Cooking in a professional kitchen was so privileged and cooking for Michel Roux Jr. was incredible-so many top chefs give something for their honor So it was great to do that. Also, my meme that ruins my dear family Madeleine means that the experience will last a long time in my memory!

How does the stress of being in a professional kitchen compare to being in a sales team?

I think the two are pretty similar! I was able to concentrate on a fairly calm and stressful environment, so I think the fact that I was in business really helped me to participate in the show. I knew the show wouldn’t last forever, so I enjoyed every moment of the show. To be honest, I don’t know if it’s the end of the month or the Master Chef final.

What is your experience as a sales executive preparing for the MasterChef contest?

You can’t prepare for the show. You’ll get a warning that everything is consumed and full, but whatever you do, you have to underestimate it. I was really fortunate that FluidOne was very supportive, flexible and impossible to attend throughout the tournament.

What’s the most amazing thing you’ve found about how to shoot MasterChef?

This year’s Master Chef shoot was pretty weird due to Covid’s limitations. It was really hard because I wanted to celebrate with everyone, but I had to stay socially distant. I was also surprised at the number of days.

How was the moment when you first saw yourself on TV?

To be honest, I really ate too much while practicing! I couldn’t believe how high the calories were in everything, eating it every day wasn’t good for the waistline! Fortunately, we weren’t in the office at the time, or my suit would have been very tight!

Have you ever thought you could enter the contest when you first applied for MasterChef?

To be honest, I applied for a bit whimsical, my girlfriend was asking me to do it, so we applied for it and forgot! After that, I just “get an apron and be happy”, but it became a snowball and “just go to the next round”, but the competition is so fierce that it takes about a few rounds I was desperate.

Have you ever cooked for a colleague? And now that the contest is over, do you do that?

I have never actually cooked for someone at work. I know there are a few people at the top of the line right now, so I think it’s inevitable to make some noise for the team right away!

“Mike joins Fluid One Commercial Director Ash Morarji as the second MasterChef participant on the Fluid One team and continues the illustrious tradition of television cooking in-house. Since Ash hosted the food, cooking has been Fluid One Social since the lockdown. Along with Ash’, he introduced some of his great recipes to other staff and now has two great chefs to help everyone else. Mike will also be joining Ash to share some of his expertise, “FluidOne added. A comparison of Fluid One’s Master Chef finalists ruining Michel Roux Jr.’s treasured Madeleine with show stress and channel sales

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