92% of programmers use AI tools, according to GitHub developer survey

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The idea of ​​using a was born not too long ago. AI Development was sci-fi.Then came GitHub CopilotMicrosoft’s AI Pair Programming Service, Summer 2022.

And in November 2023, ChatGPT 3.5 is hereAnd everyone got excited talking about AI. But you already knew that.According to new information, you may not know it Github Programmer’s Questionnaire”92% of US-based developers already use AI coding tools both inside and outside work. ”

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Partner with GitHub Wakefield study Survey of 500 US-based corporate developers. The results show that 70% of his programmers believe AI is bringing significant benefits to their code.

Specifically, developers say AI coding tools help meet existing performance standards by improving code quality, faster output, and fewer operational-level incidents.

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This isn’t people working on external open source projects or just silly. Only 6% of developers said they only use these tools outside of work. In other words, today AI programming tools are part of modern business IT.

Why did it happen so quickly? It’s all down to the programmer’s bottom line. Developers say AI coding tools help them meet existing performance standards with better code quality, faster output, and fewer operational-level incidents. It’s also important to simply add more lines of code.

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But GitHub chief product officer Inbal Shani said, “Engineering leaders need to ask whether measuring the amount of code is still the best way to measure productivity and productivity. There will be,” he added. The answer is no. “Ultimately, the way to innovate at scale is to empower developers by making them more productive, happier, and able to do their best work every day,” Shani said. It is to give

According to research, “developers want to improve their skills, design solutions, get feedback from end users, and have their communication skills evaluated.” It is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

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We believe developers should be judged on how they handle these bugs and issues. This is more important for performance than just a line of code. This is consistent with the belief that code quality, rather than code quantity, should continue to be the best performance indicator. The concern is that with the advent of AI coding tools, admins will become more focused on just getting more code out the door, rather than delivering great code.

Furthermore, as Mark Collier, Open Infrastructure Foundation COO said: open infrastructure summit In Vancouver, Canada, “The Python community is working on code reviews of AI-generated code, often because the code is crap and the people who ‘contribute’ it didn’t write it.” Because I can’t explain it.”

This is becoming a real problem. Yes, you can let ChatGPT write your program, but if you don’t understand what you’re doing or what you’re “writing” in the first place, your code is still garbage. So don’t take the slightest thought that just because you can use ChatGPT to write a Rust bubble sort routine, that means you’re a programmer. you are not a programmer.

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Serious developers also have other problems that AI can’t solve, or at least not yet. For example, developers say they spend as much time waiting for builds and tests as they do writing new code. These latencies still need to be resolved, DevOps progress. This prevents programmers from learning new skills or designing solutions to new problems. If AI and better his DevOps allows programmers to spend more time on these things, programmers will be happier and companies and organizations will be more productive.

Specifically, developers believe that AI coding tools will give them more time to focus on solution design. They want to spend more time designing new features and products rather than writing boilerplate code.Research shows programmers are already using Generation AI A coding tool that automates parts of your workflow. This frees up time for more collaborative projects such as security reviews, planning, and pair programming.

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In short, AI is helping developers at breakneck speed, but it won’t replace them. However, when used properly, it can make the whole programming process faster and more productive, as well as make users happier.

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