7 unforgettable moments from the TNW conference

We are beyond excitement TNW Conference 2021!!

In the 15th edition of the event, we all went out. Gorgeous venue Along the river in Amsterdam? check. 7 stages speaker Is there a topic that deserves at least 5 meetings? Caught. Bars, food stalls, live music?? You should believe it.

But in case you’re new to the atmosphere, we asked people about their most entertaining / most impressive / most memorable TNW conference experience.

Iva, Event Project Manager
I really love the excitement that hits you at the opening of the conference. After working hard for months and months, the moment it’s actually happening. You feel you are part of something very special … I still get butterflies every time.

Signy, People Operations Manager
I remember the opening of TNW 2019 like yesterday. Being part of something huge, I’m very proud of the team, and seeing everyone working hard throughout the meeting has dramatically increased their pride and admiration.

It’s a very mood because I enjoy talking with everyone as much as the moments between terrains.

Oh, and I started to breathe the same air as Zoe Saldana. It was definitely the peak moment of life.

Event Operations Manager, Arlette
As a fan girl for quite some time, I was thrilled to attend Casey Neistat’s keynote at TNW 2017. But my favorite moment so far is what happened after that.

When I crossed Casey at the traffic light, I hurried out of the venue and returned to another job. He asked me for directions to his hotel, and I was heading in that direction anyway, so I offered him to accompany him towards the city.

We had a nice chat about his speech, New York City, and his love for Amsterdam before I dropped him off at the hotel. That 15-minute rideshare just made my day, and it’s still one of my favorite memories of the meeting.

Alexander, Design Director
Call it a luxury issue, but TNW 2019 had too many after parties.

At one point, around 4am, my colleague and I remember standing in a dark, empty underground techno club surrounded by thick fog and strobe lights. Suddenly, time seemed to be in slow motion, and in the fog my friend and TNW co-founder Patrick de Laive appeared in the plaid suit he was wearing on stage. rice field.

It was like a scene from a movie, a magical ending that I really needed.

Adam, Innovation Project Manager
On the first day of TNW2018, I was a fly on the wall of the development tent. While thousands of participants were trying to use the app, it was great to see them manage live server migrations and fix matchmaking and scheduling bugs. The movement worked perfectly and it was great just to see these people working hard without anyone noticing.

Patrick, co-founder
We take pride in informing, inspiring and connecting technology lovers. And that was the case from the beginning.

In 2006, there was Michael Arrington as the keynote speaker. Michael, the founder of TechCrunch, was still very small at the time, but quickly became a popular name for technology.

I remember at the end of the event he said, “I love this. You should also have a TechCrunch event like this.”

In less than a year, the first edition of TechCrunch Disrupt was held in San Francisco.

Sophie, TNW Space Director
During TNW2014, we divided the land with the actual cows into small squares to create plots. It’s like a Bingo card. Startups could buy those squares, and if the cows got tired of the land, the startup won the award. It’s the type of crazy and realistic thing that makes us stand out.

PS Want to see what the last two physical meetings were like?Check out the after movie from 2018 edition or 2019 editionAnd realize what you can expect from TNW Conference 2021.

See you on September 30th and October 1st. 7 unforgettable moments from the TNW conference

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