7 Digital Marketing Examples to Boost Your Campaign

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Let’s look at some examples of digital marketing strategies.


SEO: This is a collection of techniques and digital marketing strategies to raise awareness among online users. SEO modifies the content of your website and contains valuable keywords in your content. SEO also optimizes website technology elements such as site code, page load speed, and mobile responsiveness. It also focuses on improving the site design and user interface. This will increase traffic to the site. The process is not as simple as it looks.

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The SEO process of any company can be summarized in five steps.rocket

the study: This step requires a thorough survey of your company, website, competitors, and industry.

optimisation: This is the stage of making changes to your website, from fixing bugs and resolving technical issues with other websites to helping you reach number one on search engines.

content: In this step, create creative, high-quality content that attracts, influences, and generates leads.

keyword: This is the backbone of the SEO process. Proper industry-based research on keywords and proper implementation of various strategies can generate traffic.

Get support: Always connect your social media account to your website and gain popularity. It is added higher in search engines.

test: We ensure the best possible results with continuous testing of our website.

We recommend that you rely on SEO experts to plan, execute, and implement your SEO strategy.

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This is a technique that pays the publisher or search engine only when the commercial is published on a search engine and the advertiser is clicked.

Amount to pay search engine = clicks * bid. Let’s look at an example strategy.

Suppose you have company A and company B. Company A bids for £ 10 and Company B bids for £ 20. Therefore, both ads are published based on ad rank. Imagine ad A has 50 clicks and B has 10 clicks. Now Company A has to pay search engines 50 * 10, or 500 £, and Company B has to pay 20 * 10, or 200 £. Therefore, the goal here is to reduce bids and increase clicks. The ad rank is calculated by the following formula.

Equation for calculating ad rank

But how does Google reduce thousands of brands to a very small number? The answer is ad rank. The ad rank is calculated using the formula above. Quality scores are Google’s way of assessing the user experience provided by ads and landing pages. The better your rank, the better your commercial position. This technique quickly generates business leads and revenue. PPC also guarantees the existence of websites in search results, which is of increasing importance as people tend to retain the first information rather than the latter.

Google PPC Advertising Example

These top brands work very well with PPC to ensure they appear on search engine results pages for specific keywords.

Google PPC Advertising Example

You can also see that clicking on these ads will take the user to their page. This further complements the searcher’s intent to create potential customers from visitors. How much are the salaries of people working in PPC analysis? next, Here is the salary of PPC analysts!

Social media marketing

Today, more than half of the world’s population uses social media. Therefore, it is an excellent platform for communicating with more than half of the world’s population. Don’t underestimate the power of social media in lead generation and traffic growth. Public profiles can be created on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Paid commercials can effectively target more customers.

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Examples of social media advertising
Examples of social media ads

When did you last encounter sponsored advertising on social media? Is the above example familiar? Being able to reach the emotional side of your target audience is one of the greatest strengths of social media.

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Websites are a leader in any business. Therefore, having a user-friendly interface is very important for a successful business. Your website should be attractive and easy to read. Even if you don’t judge a book on the cover, most customers make a quick decision on the website and make a first impression. Therefore, it’s important to have a compelling and engaging website that convinces your visitors to buy your product.

An example of a fascinating website

Everyone likes easy-to-use, informative and engaging websites like the ones above that add to the aesthetic pleasure of the viewer. These types of websites can have an immediate impact on anyone. Well-organized information on a catchy website is instantly captivating.

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Content marketing

Content is the gateway to the customer’s mind. Keeping your leads busy on your website with quality content will always put you in a higher rank. Quality content conveys information about your product in the most compelling way, allowing visitors to move on to the next stage of conversion. Brainstorming is always helpful.

Compassionate content can be included in ebooks, videos, audio, podcasts, blogs, images, photos, and even social media posts. The uniqueness and creativity of the content determines the popularity of the brand. User-created content is always great for creating brand loyalty.

A well-known example of a well-known digital marketing strategy for content marketing is sharing cola campaigns. In this campaign, adding a person’s name to a bottle of cola made them crazy.

Examples of content marketing strategies

They have added a name that is the most commonly used personal aspect of an individual. It wasn’t coke that they sold here, it was an element of personalization. It was a great psychological tactic to promote product coke and at the same time increased customer happiness.

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Email marketing

Email marketing seems ridiculous at first because people think it’s mostly ignored, but statistics tell another story.

66% of consumers bought online as a result of their email marketing messages. In emails, women click 10% more than men. For every $ 1 spent on email marketing, there is an average return on investment of $ 44. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to calculate your email budget.

Email is important to stay in the customer’s mind and is a professional route to the customer. So if you don’t have time for email, at least you can save time and get it to your customers by automating it. Email is also a great way to provide your customers with a personalized experience. The top email marketing game companies always offer discounts via email.Short, simple emails in bright colors with accurate information are always appealing

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Influencer marketing

The influencer marketing industry was worth about $ 13.8 billion in 2021 and is now overtaking print advertising. Now you know why it’s the best example of a digital marketing campaign. Paid promotions by influencers and public figures always have the greatest impact of any paid ad. Here you have direct access to that person’s fan base. Today, when someone doesn’t know about a product, they look directly at the people they admire in life. Therefore, this type of marketing is very valuable because it creates real content.

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The analysis of these examples demonstrates the inevitability of these digital marketing techniques in any business. The techniques and examples presented here are not all that digital marketing can do. These are just a few examples, and there are other aspects of digital marketing that have yet to be overcome. Like other technologies, digital marketing is evolving and growing rapidly. Therefore, ignoring digital marketing whistling to immense potential will prepare you to lose in this competitive marketing game.

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