6 Ways to Improve Gaming Experience on Laptops

Desktop computers are easy to upgrade, whereas laptops give you limited options. Apart from that, the operating system very much decides if you can and how much you can upgrade your computer. 

There are certain ways in which you can improve your laptop gaming experience, and you will get to know these tips in this article. 

Keep Your Laptop Clean

A clean laptop, both from inside and outside, is essential for an unmatched gaming experience. Physical maintenance of digital devices is important as it helps keep them free from dust and dirt. If you do not clean your computer on a regular basis, the dust will block the air vents, which will reduce the airflow, resulting in overheating, and that is a major performance barrier. 

Cleaning the air vents is not the only thing that covers everything. You have to pay attention to other parts as well and need to clean them thoroughly. Removing dust from your computer doesn’t mean that you have to clean each and every part with a damp cloth or so. Just use a clean cloth, or you can even use an air blower gently to remove the dirt. 

Upgrade Technical Specifications

Installing new hardware can help you increase your laptop speed and performance, making it optimal for gaming. Upgrading RAM, hard disk, graphics cards, etc., are some of the easy ways to improve system productivity. Increasing system memory and switching to a solid-state drive can allow you to play high-end games on your computer; however, the level of upgrades depends on your budget and gaming preferences. 

You can also prefer to buy a high-performing keyboard and mouse specially designed for gaming. For a better experience, go for wireless devices to stay away from the mess of wires. 

Also, according to the information here, you should get in the habit of cleaning the drive of your computer so that there is enough free space on it.

Update Drivers for Faster Performance

Almost all the devices running over Windows, macOS, and Linux are based on the same hardware architecture. It is important to keep the system drivers up-to-date to ensure the best performance while gaming. A driver is a software that interacts with your hardware to make it compatible to work with your operating system.

If you’re having trouble playing games, it might be indicative that your system drivers need updating. Make sure to update drivers from a trusted source such as the manufacturer’s website, through the Software Update section, or a valid notification. Many third-party applications claim to update your drivers automatically, but it is strictly advised not to use them as they can put your system security at stake. 

Update DirectX on Your System

DirectX is a fuel that keeps the system running, and it’s a boon for PC gamers. It’s a collection of software that facilitates different graphics in video games. DirectX12 is the latest version that comes pre-installed with all Windows computers. If you are a Windows gamer and want to check the version of DirectX installed on your PC, follow the given procedure. 

Open the Run dialog box by pressing Win + R and enter dxdiag. Wait for a few minutes for DirectX Diagnostic Tool to load. Tap on the System tab and look for the DirectX version towards the bottom of the list. In addition, make sure to have your audio drivers up to date and also ensure that the graphic cards are fit for gaming.

Overclock Graphic Cards for Gaming

Overclocking is one of the best ways to improve graphics on your computer as they force additional performance out of the graphic cards. Though it is quite risky for beginners, there are tools available for Nvidia and AMD GPU for free. For beginners, overclocking is a process that makes your computer perform at clock speed, which is usually one generation above its release. 

This process will basically change the rate at which the hardware components in the computer perform. For Graphical Processing Units, it includes both Memory Clock and Core Clock. Since overclocking uses more electricity, you will have to adjust your system settings accordingly. Keep in mind that overclocking also increases the heat levels of the GPUs.  

Adjust Your Laptop’s Power Settings

Power Management is important when it comes to gaming, no matter if you are using a Windows PC or a MacBook. Windows computers offer comprehensive power management options, but it’s recommended to plug the charger into a power outlet. 

For managing power settings in Windows 10, tap on Start:

  1. Go to Settings, click System, then click Power and sleep and go to Additional power settings.
  2. Select High Performance, navigate to Change plan settings, and then click Change advanced power settings.
  3. Confirm that the power settings are set to the required levels. 


In macOS, click on System Preferences from the Apple menu, and then click Energy Saver to adjust power settings. You can adjust the “amount of time after which your display turns off,” “set the sleep and wake patterns,” and adjust the “Power nap” options of your computer. 




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