5 useful tricks you want someone to teach you faster

In the tech world, there are many new features and hidden tricks hidden in everyday devices.

Ever wondered what the secret white dots in the iPhone weather app mean? Looking at it in the daily forecast, I wondered, “What the hell is that?” Tap or click here to solve this technical mystery..

Being “hidden” may not be a good thing. Take a look at the hidden map of Google Photos to see where you’ve been and all the photos you’ve taken there. Tap or click here to stop this tracking..

I have a lot of technical tricks on my sleeve. Let’s start with the most common problems. Asking a stranger to reply to a cold email.

1. Have a completely stranger read your email

Cold calls are difficult. No one answers the phone anymore. Cold mail is easier, but why not put it in the trash?

It all starts with the subject. Get the recipient’s attention with the first five words in the subject. Personalize the subject by using “introduced to you” or “simple question” in that person’s name.

Please understand the point in the body of the email itself. If you know each other, put their name in the first sentence. Write as if you were talking to that person. Avoid corporate terms like “synergies” and “paradigms.”

Be sure to tell the other person what you want and be specific. Also, don’t forget to calibrate before pressing send.

Wondering if anyone has read your email? Tap or click here to see if it’s still unread..

2. Buy gift cards at a discounted price (or sell what you don’t need)

If you buy a gift card online, you can go directly to the site you want to shop for, but here’s the secret. There are specialized sites that sell gift cards at discounted prices. Pro Tip: Google Don’t Discount Gift Cards. You will probably end up on a fraudulent site.

Two legitimate sites that sell discount gift cards When Of course, there is a risk that fraudsters will have access to the gift card number. If you purchase a discounted gift card online, make sure to use that amount as soon as possible. Also, if you have unused gift cards, you can also buy unused gift cards at these sites.

Shopping at Amazon? I have put together a list of quick and easy ways to save money.. This is a must read!

3. Improve TV images

Hidden deep inside the TV’s settings menu is an option called Motion Smoothing. It feels good, but it disables this feature.

Motion smoothing artificially adds a frame to what you’re looking at. When it helps to imagine what this looks like, it is sometimes called the soap opera effect. Motion smoothing is useful when watching sports or playing video games.

Fast-moving content is much more obvious, but it has its drawbacks. With the addition of frames, football moving fast on the screen looks like a fake. In video games, motion smoothing adds lag.

Tap or click here for instructions on turning this setting off on Samsung, Roku TV, LG, Panasonic, Android TV, or Vizio.. And while you’re tweaking there, you’ll probably prefer the movie or movie mode that best suits what you’re watching.

4. Stop wondering who can see your old posts

If you’re using Facebook, anyone on the Internet can see your posts and photos for years. Depending on what you posted, it’s annoying.

Take a moment to ensure that past Facebook posts aren’t only visible to those who come across your profile. Method is as follows.

  • In the Facebook account settings, Privacy tools and settings..
  • under Your activity, Find a section that looks like this: Limit viewers of old posts on the timeline..

Here Facebook will change everything you publicly or share with your friends to accessible ones that’s all To your friends. With all scammers and trolls online, it’s a good idea to reduce your digital footprint.

Facebook has a new glossy privacy center to help Facebook collect and know what you know about you. Tap or click here for tips on navigating..

5. Channel James Bond and speak secretly

You want to exchange texts and photos with others, and you don’t want to be seen by a random person who picks up your phone. There’s a reason for this to be totally innocent, like Snoopy’s roommates and kids who always pick up their cell phones. There are several ways to do this without downloading a dubious app.

One option is to use Google Docs. Make sure both have access to the document,[共有設定]Examine the menu in detail. Here you can prevent others from downloading, printing, copying, or sharing it.

If you have an iPhone, please use the memo app.[共有オプション]and,[変更できます。 テキストまたはメールでメモを送信します。 メモに追加した人は、あなたと同じように変更を加えることができます。 あなたは個人的に通信することができます、そしてそれはあなたのテキストメッセージに現れません。

会話をプライベートに保つ他の方法をお探しですか? メールやメッセージを暗号化する方法をタップまたはクリックしてください

最近、ランサムウェアのハッカーが病院を襲い、心臓の機械から点滴ポンプまですべてが機能しなくなりました。 医師と看護師はペンと紙を使わなければなりませんでした。 電子カルテはありませんでした。 しかし、ハッカーがそれが病院であることに気付いたときに起こったことは、間違いなくあなたを驚かせるでしょう。

私のポッドキャスト「KimKomandoExplains」をチェックしてください。 アップル GoogleポッドキャストSpotify、またはお気に入りのポッドキャストプレーヤー。

ここでポッドキャストを聞く またはポッドキャストを入手できる場所ならどこでも。 私の名前「Komando」を検索してください。

デジタルライフスタイルに関する質問はありますか? キムの全国ラジオ番組に電話して タップするか、ここをクリックして、地元のラジオ局で見つけてください。 あなたは聞くか見ることができます キムコマンドショー お使いの携帯電話、タブレット、テレビまたはコンピューターで。 または、キムの無料ポッドキャストをタップまたはここをクリックしてください。

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