5 Products to Expect at Google I/O (And 3 Surprise Picks to Remember)

The Pixel Fold may be Google’s most anticipated product of the year. The company’s first foldable device is expected to go on sale, or at least be announced, during I/O, with Samsung, Motorola, Oppo, and other foreign manufacturers all but honing their shapeshift hardware. It will appear in time.

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Not only does the dual screen form factor need to be articulated, but all eyes are on Google to deliver an Android experience that can adapt and cater to the new range of use cases Google is already pushing. is included. Android 12LIf the Pixel Fold could seamlessly switch between the inside and outside displays like this, that switch alone would put it up against most of its competitors.

Perhaps the biggest problem with the Pixel Fold, like all other foldables to date, is its price.report from CNBC Alludes to a $1,700 price tag, comparable to Samsung’s flagships Galaxy Z Fold 4To make up for this, the Pixel Fold features “the most durable hinge in a foldable”, waterproof construction, a 5.8-inch exterior display, and a 7.6-inch interior display, according to leaked internal documents. Stay tuned to Google I/O for more details.

https://www.zdnet.com/article/google-products-to-expect-in-2023-pixel-fold-pixel-7a-ai-and-more/#ftag=RSSbaffb68 5 Products to Expect at Google I/O (And 3 Surprise Picks to Remember)

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