$ 48 Billion Mark Banner Month for Venture Capital Investment

April was another strong month for global venture financing, with venture capital and growth investors investing $ 48 billion.According to data from, it makes April the second highest month in the record of private sector investment. Crunchbase..

The first high was in March of this year, with an investment of $ 54 billion. In addition, funding at all stages increased compared to last year. Early-stage funding increased by 50%, seed-stage funding was third, and late-stage funding almost doubled.

Among the most active investors is hedge fund Tiger Global, which invested 93 between January and April, outpacing last year’s overall investment. Crunchbase said the company was the most active investor in April, funding 32 companies.

Crunchbase also recorded a significant number of new unicorn startups, 39 in April. It appears in about two new companies that join the list on every business day of the month. Most of these companies (28) are headquartered in the United States and have six in India. However, the most valuable of these companies come from Indonesia, and shipping company J & T Express has entered the Unicorn Club with a $ 8 billion valuation.

These types of companies have led to huge levels of funding throughout the first quarter of this year.So Reported by PYMNTS In April, a record level of startup funding was raised in the first quarter of this year, with investors investing $ 72.7 billion in a growing round of fledgling tech companies. This is the highest total in the history of Crunchbase numbers, nearly doubling the first quarter of 2020 and investing 57% higher than in the previous quarter. There were also more than $ 100 million in 194 rounds of funding for unicorns this quarter. This was once rare, but is now quite common.


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