3M India recognizes winners of the “3M-CII Young Innovators Challenge Awards 2021”

  • 8NS The Challenge Edition witnessed participation from over 1500 young innovators across India
  • Ability to focus on and have a positive impact on ideas that reshape society with science and sustainable solutions

Nationwide, September 20, 2020: 3M India announced the winners of the 8th edition of the prestigious 3M-CII Young Innovator Challenge Awards at the CII Innovation Summit 2021 in Bangalore.This year’s agenda is aimed at helping young innovators reshape society with science and sustainable solutions. “Ideas that stimulate hope for the resurrected India”. The challenge included entries such as technology solutions that provide affordable digital classrooms, friendly learning platforms for the hearing impaired, clean biomass burning stoves, and innovative products for cancer survivors.

Since its inception in 2014, the 3M-CII Young Innovator Challenge Awards Program has recognized and encouraged youth-led innovations that have shown potential to have sustainable impacts on our society. In eight successful editions, the Young Innovators Challenge recognized more than 40 young innovators and generated more than 5,000 impact ideas. This year, the jury selected two winners in the Product Innovation category, one in the Service Innovation category, and two in the Regional and Comprehensive Innovation category. In addition, each of the product and service innovation categories has two specially mentioned winners.


The Challenge aims to investigate, identify and encourage innovators with ideas that can also contribute to the United Nations’ commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Facilitate the creation of solutions / services that create unique value for viewers across sectors such as health, education, environment and governance.

Ramesh Ramadurai, Managing Director of 3M India, praised the winners, saying: “The pandemic has created a sense of urgency to create an environment that promotes sustainable growth by empowering bold leaders on future challenges. 3M is working with CII to make it better. We aim to provide a platform for young innovators who have shown tremendous potential to create the world and serve the community... We are proud of the talent we have in our country and look forward to following the journey of the 2021 winners. “

This year’s external judges included technology sector experts, social innovators, and members of the business community. Given the turmoil caused by the pandemic, virtually all challenges were taken. The 3M-CII Young Innovator Challenge Awards provide a great opportunity for “change makers” who can lead the future with their ideas. 3M India will provide seed funding of Rs 3,000,000 to each winner and Rs 1,50,000 to the winners of the Special Awards.

Award-winning project

Category: Product Innovation

Impact award

Project title: AKIcare

participant: Dilip Shankar, Niharika CS

Idea Summary: AKICare is a new attachment to traditional urethral catheterization systems that provides real-time analysis of urine to provide new tools for detecting the development of imminent renal dysfunction.

Idea award

Project title: Bliss Care

participant: Chinmaya Nike, Nikitakumari

Idea Summary: BlisCare provides visually impaired students with an affordable digital classroom solution with a digital braille display system (Braille tablet) that can replicate any text, graphical diagram / map to digital braille in real time. Offers.

Special awareness-impact

Project title: Canfem

participant): Akriti Gupta, Vidushi Agnihotri

Idea Summary: – Canfem is a social enterprise that provides products and services, with an equal focus on empowerment for advocacy, mental health, and better quality of life to meet the non-medical needs of cancer warriors. I will respond.

Category: Rural and Comprehensive Innovation

Impact award

Project title: Smart auto feeder for shrimp / fish

participant: V. Sinagarokesh, ANS Manasa

Idea Summary: The smart feeder is an automatic feeder that can be used in fish, shrimp ponds and crab ponds. We plan to provide food based on the sound of shrimp when hungry.

Idea award

Project title: Venticook

participant: Anup Paikaray

Summary of Ideas: Venticook is a clean biomass burning stove that uses a tread mechanism (like a sewing machine) to provide a cleaner and more efficient alternative to traditional biomass cooking stoves.

Category: Service Innovation

Impact award

Project title: Learn and empower

participant: Prabodh Mahajan, Amanpreet Chopra, Krishna Samudrala

Idea Summary: India’s first digital game-based AI-enabled education and learning platform for the hearing impaired.

Special recognition-IDEA

Project title: Solar power lift irrigation

participant): Nisit Sangomura, Robzan Wantak

Idea Summary: This idea leverages existing technology solutions tested in remote areas of the Himalayas (ie Zanskar, Ladakh) to provide local communities with access to water and energy to help them live. ..

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