360 X3 Video Doorbell: Zone protection for front doors at lower cost than ring reviews

Video doorbells are an additional feature that helps you set up home security. The ability to talk to people at the front door and tell them where to store their luggage is invaluable. The 360’s latest video doorbell has all the features you need to monitor your front door area.

NS 360X3 video doorbell Is one of these valuable doorbells with a 5MP camera with a 2496 x 1920px resolution 4: 3 aspect ratio and a radar detector for visitors.

Inside the box are a doorbell camera, a Wi-Fi base station, mounting brackets, and, if necessary, wedges for mounting the camera at an oblique angle to the door.

There are also packets for USB Type-C charging cables, screw hole templates, screws and wall plugs, and extension wires. There is also a doorbell “removal pin” that is exactly the same as the SIM pin.

The camera has a 5,000mAh battery and is charged using USB Type-C from the connector on the back of the unit. There is also an optional add-on battery pack and the option to wire the doorbell to power it in the house.

The onboard battery records 10 events per day, so 360 expects the doorbell to last about 6 months before it needs to be recharged.

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The user guide describes how to attach the doorbell to the door and bracket. It also tells you to download the Botslab app to manage the doorbell. There are some other instructions on the features of the X3.

After downloading the app and creating an account, connect the doorbell to your base station. You must press the button on the top of the base unit until you hear a beep, and then press and hold the power button on the doorbell until you hear a voice prompt.

When you press the button on the front of the doorbell, the light will start blinking blue. The base station pings to indicate that it is connected to the doorbell.

The app quickly detects Wi-Fi and searches for devices. If the battery is not fully charged, you will not be able to connect to the app. Then quickly press the power button on the doorbell three times until the doorbell is ready for a WI-Fi connection.

Then place your mobile phone in the immediate vicinity of the doorbell and send sound waves to the doorbell to connect.

Once you receive a voice prompt that the doorbell has received the app’s message, you can continue to connect the doorbell to the app. This is a slightly complicated process. It’s much more difficult than scanning a QR code to connect.

The app then takes steps to secure the doorbell to the doorway. Remember to fully charge the battery (it will take about 7 hours) before fixing the doorbell to the outside. The app information about fixing the doorbell is the same as the user guide.

Once everything is connected, you can configure the settings you need, such as recordings, alerts, and event alerts such as sirens for suspicious alerts when a person is detected on a specified schedule.

I have a milkman who delivers milk to my house late at night or early in the morning, so I didn’t test this feature in case the milk was never delivered again. If someone tries to remove the doorbell from the housing, another siren alert will be triggered.

You can configure X3 to detect objects within a range of up to 30 feet and change their sensitivity. My cat soon realized that this was the fastest way to get attention when he wanted to get in the front door.

You may have had to move the doorbell to a higher position, but make sure the cargo is on the floor outside the door and notify you when the cargo is placed and when someone receives it. I want to be done.

If you live near other homes, you can configure a private zone to prevent the camera from detecting objects approaching your neighbor’s property. If the doorbell is wired, you can also configure the doorbell to use an existing door chime.

In other settings, you can add WDR to improve image quality and set the volume level of the doorbell and base station. You can fine-tune the recording length and retrigger interval to save power and turn on the LED lights on your device.

You can also view the status of the doorbell, such as battery level, Wi-Fi signal strength, and the signal from the doorbell to the base station. There are certainly many settings to fine-tune.

The X3 has 8GB of local storage and can store up to 120 days worth of 15 seconds of video recording, assuming 10 recordings per day.

If necessary, it also acts as a Wi-Fi amplifier to prevent signal loss during calls through the doorbell. If you need more space, you can purchase a cloud service subscription.

The doorbell works with a voice assistant such as Alexa, so you can talk to people at the front door without using the app.

Doorbells can distinguish between family, friends, and strangers, but they didn’t notice the difference between the perceived people because strangers tend to visit the door.Perhaps my friend hasn’t visited the doorbell often enough to recognize any of them

The X3 Doorbell’s 360 Indiegogo campaign was immediately funded and had more than 4000 supporters, Many backers had problems with receiving refunds and substandard delivery experience..Hopefully, 360 has solved these problems now that the product is available on Amazon.

The only problem I can see is the glue on the back of the X3 doorbell mount in case you don’t want to scratch the wall. However, this can easily steal the doorbell. Warn when that happens.

Overall, the 360X3 Video Doorbell is a very useful addition to your home security settings. The ability to talk to the people at your door and give them instructions on where to leave the parcel is invaluable.

360X3 Available on Amazon For less than $ 160 with an additional $ 20 coupon until the end of September.

It takes time to set up and configure, but once installed and connected via the app, you can rest assured that it will monitor the front porch space and warn you at any time (good or bad). Enter your space. 360 X3 Video Doorbell: Zone protection for front doors at lower cost than ring reviews

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