3 Ways to Win the Apple Watch Activity Challenge

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One of the fastest fitness motivations is good competition.

Apple Watch fitness features Easily challenge fellow users to a weekly workout match.

But what’s the secret to successfully beating your competitors?

Sure, logging more hours at the gym than your competitors is a way to win, but there are even easier and more efficient ways to ensure victory.

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For those who want to win, here are three ways to get closer to winning a virtual Apple Fitness trophy.

3 Ways to Win the Apple Watch Activity Challenge

You and your Apple Watch opponent aren’t likely to share the same movement, exercise, or stand goals, so closing the activity ring may require significant effort. Apple uses a points system to determine winners and keep the competition even.

The breakdown is as follows.

  • Earn fitness points for every percentage point you add for every daily move, stand, and exercise ring you close.
  • A total of 300 points are awarded for completing all three objectives (rings) of standing, moving and exercising.
  • Since it is possible to exceed 100% of the target, it is also possible to exceed the desired 300 points. However, only 600 points, which means doubling his daily goal, will be added to the daily challenge total.
  • Ultimately, you can earn up to 4,200 points per week. Whoever is closest to the threshold wins the challenge.

The points system encourages a more holistic approach to challenges, but you can also manually compete with friends to see who has walked the most steps or biked the most distance .

A pink Apple Watch Series 8 is worn on a young woman's wrist, displaying activity stats.

So far, I’ve hit 35% of my daily move goal, 10% of my exercise goal, and 50% of my stand goal, for a total of 95 points out of my daily 300 point goal.

Christina Darby/ZDNET

Before you literally complete your daily exercise, watch[ワークアウト]Don’t forget to select the workout you’re trying to complete (HIIT, outdoor walk, indoor run, boxing, cycling, etc.) in the tab.

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The watch passively tracks your steps, but recording a specific workout before you start allows for more accurate tracking. Especially when it comes to low-impact exercises.

Apple Watch not only tracks workouts, it’s key to unlocking them Fitness+Offer classes alongside running walking guide, Apple Fitness+ recently stepped up my simple treadmill workout. Most importantly, Fitness+ automatically syncs your watch to your streaming device and displays your stats in real time.

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To help you ensure accurate points by recording specific workouts, when you start a workout in Fitness+ it will automatically record your workouts and exercise as you get your heart rate up.

Apple Fitness+ on a smartphone with a person working out in the background

Apple Fitness+ offers exercise classes that automatically sync to your watch, tracking your workouts more accurately and potentially improving your fitness routine.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my Apple Watch score to 600 points?

Double your daily goal and you’ll get 600 points. There are 3 goals or rings (Movement, Stand, Exercise), so if you complete each one 100% correctly, you get a total of 300 points. Therefore, each ring must be closed twice to reach 600.

Can I send myself an Apple Watch challenge?

You can’t send yourself challenges like other parties, but you can also use your ring as a competitive benchmark, challenge yourself to double your ring, or beat your daily record. .

Can I manually add workouts to my Apple Watch?

If you forgot to record it and want your hard work to show up in your competition, you can manually enter your exercise data in the Health app on your iPhone. Once in the Health app,[参照]under the section[アクティビティ]Tap the tab and in the upper right corner[ワークアウト]When[データの追加]Choose.

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