28V capable MCU includes USB Power Delivery 3.1

The EZ-PD PMG1-S3 brand is intended for embedded systems that can power up to 28V and consume up to 140W.

“This device supports the higher power features defined in the USB PD 3.1 specification and leverages the MCU to provide additional control capabilities,” the company said. “These products are ideal for the consumer, industrial and telecommunications markets of applications such as smart speakers, routers, power supplies and garden tools.”

Inside is a 48MHz Arm Cortex-M0 + core and a USB PD stack. The memory is 256 kbytes of flash and 32 kbytes of RAM.

Infineon PMG1-S0 High Voltage MCU Block

The interface includes a USB full-speed 28V gate driver for external power MOSFETs, a low dropout (LDO) regulator, and a high voltage protection circuit. There are also programmable analog and digital blocks intended for sensor interfaces.

“PMG1 also provides hardware and firmware protection such as overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, reverse current, secure firmware boot, and signed firmware update,” said Infineon.

The PMG1 family has four members, most of which are 21.5V capable.

  • PMG1-S0
    Cortex-M0 64kbyte Flash 8kbyte RAM No USB
    2.7-5.5Vdd 4-21.5Vbus 1xp-mosfet driver
  • PMG1-S1
    Cortex-M01 28kbyte Flash 12kbyte RAM No USB
    2.75–5.5Vsys 4-21.5Vbus 2xp-mosfet driver
  • PMG1-S2
    Cortex-M01 28kbyte flash 8kbyte RAM USB2.0 full speed
    2.7–5.5Vsys 4-21.5Vbus2x-n-mosfet driver
  • PMG1-S3 (datasheet not yet available)
    Cortex-M0 + 256kbyte flash 32kbyte RAM USB2.0 full speed
    2.8-5.5Vsys 4-28Vbus 2x Extended n-mosfet Driver

All have one power supply port, except for the two 97ball BGA versions of PMG1-S3.
There are other differences – see the table under the “PMG Family” tag PMG1 product page..

PMG1-S3 packages are 48-QFN or 97-BGA

Programming is supported by the Modus Toolbox integrated development environment with PMG1 software development kit, prototyping kit and quick start guide.

https://www.electronicsweekly.com/news/products/micros/28v-capable-mcu-includes-usb-power-delivery-3-1-2021-07/ 28V capable MCU includes USB Power Delivery 3.1

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