22% increase in IoT/mobile cyberattacks leading to downtime

Verizon’s latest Mobile Security Index (MSI) highlights the continued rise in IoT/mobile cyberattacks leading to downtime.

According to the study, cyberattacks involving mobile/IoT devices (resulting in data or system downtime) increased 22% last year compared to the previous year.

23% of the companies surveyed had a security breach. Of these, 74% said the impact would be ‘significant’ and more than a third (34%) said the impact would be lingering.

Sampath Soumya Narayan CEO verizon businessSaid:

“For businesses, regardless of industry, size, or location on the map, downtime is money lost. Compromised data erodes trust, and while the moment is not insurmountable, it is difficult to recover. is.

Enterprises need to invest time and money into their security architecture, especially when it comes to off-premises devices. Otherwise, you will remain vulnerable to cyber threat actors. ”

Many companies allocate budgets to improve security. 85% of surveyed companies report having a dedicated budget for mobile security.

Four-fifths (81%) of organizations say their spending on mobile device security has increased in the past year. 76% believe there will be more in the next year.

Yet a whopping 66% of respondents say they are under pressure to sacrifice mobile device security “to get work done.” 52% gave in to the pressure.

MSI proposes defenses against increasing cyberattacks, such as establishing a “Zero Trust Network Access” (ZTNA) model and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture.

A full copy of the 2022 Mobile Security Index is available here.

(photo courtesy Romson Prichawit upon unsplash)

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