2023 Genesis G90 Flagship Luxury Sedan Announces Seriously Beautiful

This dominates.

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Current Genesis G90 It’s a great luxury car. It has a fairly understated look, a classy interior and offers a lot of luxury at an affordable price. It was first announced in 2016 before the brand used a true design language. This was partially improved by the 2018 refurbishment, Book of Genesis‘The new model is still a bit boring, and that era is obvious behind the steering wheel. To improve it, Genesis has just released the first image of the brand new 2023 G90, which is an absolute shock.

Like the outgoing model, the new G90 has a stately greenhouse and a long wheelbase, but the proportions are even more dramatic. The front overhang is short, the hood is long, and the boot lid looks like a ducktail. G80.. There are few decorations on the sides, two crisp lines and a smooth surface. The flash door handles are nice and the G90’s prominent rear haunch gives it a more athletic look. The chrome trim band runs along the entire G90 side sill and lower bumper.

Now it’s a good butt.

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The front end, despite being huge, features a subtle version of the Genesis crest grille. Except for the bottom point, all edges are nicely rounded and have a complex multi-layer diamond mesh pattern. Dual LED headlights extend almost from the grille to the wheel arches and are the thinnest lights Genesis has ever used. Genesis says this was achieved by crossing the running lights with high and low beams. The G90 features a clamshell hood that gives the front end a seamless look, with a double-line motif on the side marker lights on the front fenders.

At the rear, Genesis was able to move “functional elements” such as license plates and reverse lights to the bottom of the bumper to make the trunk look cleaner. This is the first Genesis with two full-width light bars on the back, with the bottom line remaining thin and the top section flaring at the edges to create a larger tail light unit. Especially when combined with Fender lights, it looks very cool when lit up.

Expect this LWB model to come to the United States.

Book of Genesis

Genesis offers the G90 in a special long wheelbase model that is 7.5 inches longer than the standard car. The LWB G90 has brighter chrome trim on the window surround, B-pillars, lower body and bumpers than the standard G90. It also has unique 20 inch wheels that look great if it’s a little Maybach style. It is not yet known if this more luxurious model will come to the United States.

Interior photos haven’t been released yet, but I’m hoping for a much higher-end cabin with design clues taken from the G80. The new G90 needs to ride on the same rear-wheel drive platform as the G80. GV80, With all-wheel drive as an option. When it comes to powertrain, the brand’s twin-turbo V6 should be standard, but the current model 5.0-liter V8 is probably dead. As we approach the launch date next year, we’ll learn more about the G90. 2023 Genesis G90 Flagship Luxury Sedan Announces Seriously Beautiful

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