11 business lessons from iPod father Tony Fadell

On a tour promoting his latest book ‘build,’ Former Apple executive and iPod designer Tony Fadell discusses technology CNBC.. The conversation contains a lot of information for Apple history fans, but Fadell shared great advice for everyone in enterprise technology.

Below is a small fragment of what was said.

When creating a product, think about why

“You must be able to talk about’why’,” Fadell said.

When designing a new product, it’s important to meet customer needs, solve existing problems, and enhance what they can do.Not only that, but excellent product development what,however, whyBuild a story that describes the product and associates it with people’s lives.

Think about how effective “1,000 songs in your pocket” was as an iPod slogan.

The product story must be justified

Your customer Discerning.. If you say a product can accomplish something amazing, it’s best to make sure it meets your claims.

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