10 federal agencies are expanding the use of facial recognition

The Government Accountability Office New report Ten federal agencies plan to expand the use of facial recognition. In a survey of 24 federal agencies on the use of facial recognition technology, agriculture, commerce, defense, homeland security, health and welfare, interiors, justice, state, finance, and veterans plans to use it for GAO. Said that. Face recognition in more areas by fiscal year 2023.

NS Washington post Note, most agencies already use facial recognition to give personnel access to their phones and computers. However, an increasing number of institutions are using it to investigate crime and track people. The Ministry of Agriculture seems to want to monitor live feeds at the facility and scan individuals in the watch list. Another agency wants to use it to automate the identification of travelers at the airport.

Authorities are planning this expansion, despite growing opposition to facial recognition systems. They are still far from completely accurate, especially when identifying women and POCs, leading to false arrests in the past.In Detroit, their use Illegal arrest of Two men Last year, both were black.State Massachusetts, Main Virginia has banned law enforcement agencies from using facial recognition. At the same time, some cities across the United States Portland, Oregon, Also restricted their use. However, the GAO report states that “recent advances in facial recognition technology have improved its accuracy and usage.”

Ten of the GAO respondents also revealed that they were involved in research and development of facial recognition technology. For example, they are investigating the ability of technology to identify individuals wearing masks and detect image manipulation.In addition, several agencies, including the Department of Justice, the Air Force and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau, have approved use. Clearview AI.. Clearview has been accused of scraping people’s images from social networks for the past few years without the knowledge and consent of the company to build the database. As of last year, real-time human identification systems were reportedly used by 600 police stations across the United States, including the FBI and DHS.

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