$10.3 Million for Mississippi Tidal Flats Conservation Project

Mr. Jackson (WJTV) – On behalf of the Gulf Coast Legislative Delegation, Secretary of State Michael Watson (R-Miss.) presented a check for $10,314,561 to the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources (MDMR). The funds represent the amount of her Tidelands Trust Funds he collected during fiscal year 2022 for use during fiscal year 2023.

As of Wednesday, October 12, the Secretary of State has transferred a total of $187,489,980 to the Mississippi Gulf Coast through the Tidelands Trust Funds program.

“As the first Secretary of State from the coast, I have a unique perspective on our Tidelands,” Watson said, “to protect these beautiful and important resources, improve public access and, where possible, reduce economic “The entire state of Mississippi will benefit from the Coast working together to manage some of Mississippi’s most prized possessions.” increase.”

Tidelands Trust Funds’ revenues are generated by leasing state-owned land in trust for the people of Mississippi and appraising an onshore gaming business. Funds generated will be distributed to MDMR for programs and projects directed at the conservation and preservation of Mississippi’s tidal flats and increasing public access areas in the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

“Tidelands Trust Funds represent a significant annual investment by the state in protecting Mississippi’s coastal wetlands, marine education, and the conservation of Mississippi’s marine resources,” said executive director of the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources. Joe Spraggins said. “Our agency is grateful to Secretary Watson and members of Congress for allowing us to administer these funds that will help our community access the beautiful waterways along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.”

https://www.wkrg.com/state-regional/mississippi-news/10-3-million-to-help-conservation-projects-in-mississippi-tidelands/ $10.3 Million for Mississippi Tidal Flats Conservation Project

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